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Welcome to Z Media Services!


We are a media planning, buying, and consulting service with more than 20 years of experience and expertise in local, national, business-to-business, and agricultural media. We provide customized planning, buying, and consulting services to ensure our client’s message reaches its intended target audience as efficiently as possible. To learn more about what we do, click here. We specialize in:

Market Analysis & Research
We use media research tools such  as  Nielsen Media ResearchArbitron Inc.MRI, and AMR.

General marketing and consumer expertise
We examine where our client’s markets are and  who the consumers are in that specific market.

On-going advertising placement and maintenance
Our  media strategies are constantly updated to ensure the best possible performance  for our clients.

Superior negotiating skills with all types of media
Using  our  local and national media contacts, we negotiate the best rate and media space possible for our clients.


Using extensive market research and data, we make sure our client’s message gets to the correct target audience in the best and most cost effective way possible. We will create an effective media plan to best reach potential customers . We have experience planning, negotiating, and buying the following media:

Newspaper Advertising                                     Ag Publications
Local Daily  & Weekly Publications                                         State Ag/Farm Books
National Publications                                                               National Ag/Rural Publications

Radio Advertising                                                   Farm/Rural Radio
Local Radio                                                                               Local Ag Radio
Nationally Syndicated Programs                                             Ag/Rural Radio Networks

TV Advertising                                                           B2B Advertising
Local Network/Cable TV                                                          National/Regional Trade Publications
Regional & National Network/Cable TV                                   Local/Regional Business Journals

Consumer Publications                                     Outdoor Advertising
National Magazines                                                                  Traditional Billboards
Regional/Local Magazines                                                       Digital  Billboards

Online Advertising                                                 Out-of-Home
Search Engine/Keyword Marketing                                        Non-traditional media,
Website Display/Rich Media Advertising                               public transportation, airport,
Social Network Advertising                                                      sports venue,  guerilla marketing, ect.


Please contact us today for a consultation to discuss your unique media planning and buying needs.

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